What You Should Not Do When Playing Poker

What You Should Not Do When Playing Poker

Nobody likes to lose at poker, but most people usually go home broke. So what should you not do when playing poker? There are specific moves you should not doin order to prevent further dislocations of your tournament mind. Discipline!

Now that I have said that I don’t like to lose, I guess I am qualified to speak on this topic. Poker is a game of habit. orst game ever — every day, did you ever see Phil Iveybroke at the bracelet room? Every time he opens his eyes, he sees Vegas. He says that it’s the best game in the world. And he can afford to lose because he can always resupply his bankroll at the casino. Well…he lost at the bracelet room…again…this time to a spade. He has got to get out.

Daniel Negreanu also broke down after a huge win at the WSOP. He said that he liked to play a lot of poker and he couldn’t concentrate if he kept thinking about poker. His mind kept telling him different things and he couldn’t figure out why his mind was telling him to do this or that. He even pushed it. He said he tried to concentrate on poker for a year after he won in 2004. He played hard and long. About a month later he started winning again. Pushing it again….he won a bracelet in 2006. He calmed down a lot.

Another player, Mike Matusow, had to have left Las Vegas after his girlfriend went into the same casino with him. ( Kenseth’s girlfriend also left the event with him.) And Matusow couldn’t go back to Sin City because he had no money. He had to pawn his stuff from car to pawn shop to survive.

Matusow’s problem was that he was broke and he had no way to get cash to go back home. So he decided to sell all his possessions and go on a Dewacasino trip. He was such a whiner when he was winning big that he didn’t even care that he didn’t have any money. When he lost, he’d lose a thousand units and still try to win back the money he lost. He would even call me on the phone to whine about how I wasn’t playing poker right that time.

Another fellow poker player named Chris Moneymaker (!!! didn’t see this one coming!) won the main event of the World Series of Poker making him into a celebrity in his own right. Moneymaker had to turn to his friends to pay his rent for the month. And he didn’t even win the main event. His victory was paid for by manager Mark probios.

To date, Moneymaker has won approximately $2.4 million dollars (don’t worry, not that much compared to the WSOP winners).

To be very honest, it’s not uncommon to see someone’sglasses get scratched on day one of the televised Main Event. It happens, just log ontoonline poker roomand the fate of the glories is sealed for many players. Gloried players get their pictures taken by famous magazines, they get named as Simple Men by uncomplicated men.

Meanwhile, for all the online poker roomlaureates, they play on waiting lists to get in the door, and they play hard , and they earn the right to be called the “four legitimately lucky people” by Greg Raymer and Jeff Lisandro.

If you don’t mind, I’ll turn my back to all you nice people. Good luck to all of you.