Football Betting Systems - Can You Really Make Money Betting on Sports

Football Betting Systems – Can You Really Make Money Betting on Sports?

Let’s be completely honest – the majority of people who bet on sports have no idea what they are doing. These sports bettors will spend anywhere from 8 to 10 hours per week researching teams, reading press releases, studying injuries, watching weather forecasts, tracking line movements, analyzing trends and comparing team records. Does any of this really make sports betting a sound investment?

The answer is a big fat NO.

At best, most people who bet on sports have a very basic understanding of the game and that is honestly about it. Some are better than others and most, I believe, could care less about basketball or football or any other sport that is wagered upon. They live their life around sports and if the team they are supporting wins, they are a happy Winner.

In the financial world we always hear about people that have made millions of dollars because of a sound and precise strategy. Did you know that the person that beat the sports books was actually a Numbers Agent? They actually found a way to play the market in a manner that guarantees they win big every time.

Well, the same theory works in sports.

If you have a sound strategy and you follow some specific rules and criteria, you can make some killer picks and rack up a ton of cash. Just like the financial world, there is a formula to winning and winning big. Most people go by Mother Nature and the elements or chance vs. the numbers and their lucky charms.

I believe that there is a little secret group of individuals that broke the proverbial bank by betting specific criteria, not just any old way. They didn’t take mistakes and they devised a strategy that is mathematically proven to pay off.

Most people are wacky and have no idea that the lines on games, score updates or any other in game information that gives them the edge is actually calculated by computer programs and kept private.

We are not talking about betting on basketball or Vegas88. We are talking about the NFL where the books win nearly every single game. Did you know that the only way you can even attempt to have a chance at beating the books is to attempt to exploit a mathematical error in the betting system?

If you were to purchase a system that was sound and solid, you would not be trying to pitch a square bet every time you go to the site. You would know that you are doing the exact opposite and that this system would be a sucker bet all the way.

Theedsays the exact opposite, but they never will tell you that in a return for your patronage. Perhaps this might translate into, betting on football, but only if you take the time to discern what you are getting into. Handicapping week in and week out for an entire season is not much of a recipe for success.

Aside from the methodology needed, there is a different philosophy that goes into saving the best for last. It could be entertaining, but it could just as easily be disastrous.

For example, the money line. With the money line, the lines you see are the odds of the outcome for both the favorite and the underdog. For example, in the past weekend’s games, the money line for the Green Bay Packers was -21. This means you had to bet $21 to win $10 on the Packers.

Naturally, people bet the money line each week, and more money is wagered on the greater odds of the team collecting cash. Let’s say a person wants to bet the money line on the New York Giants in their matchup with the Washington Redskins. His goal is that the Giants would win the game by more than 21 points. Nonetheless, you probably will not be able to find better than 21 points meaning you would have to bet $100 to win $210. In addition, the Redskins are quite possibly going to win the game, thus reduce to $100 to win $210.

Pay attention to your money line bets, especially in the NFL. These plays are often the difference in a people’s favor or a bettor’s favor, a proposition bet for a lotto ticket or an array of bets for a daily bet,” Fischman advised.