59 Microdata Surveys That Could Motivate a Social Media Creator

59 Microdata Surveys That Could Motivate a Social Media Creator

weeting, blogging, and sharing are all new forms of online activity that generate massive interaction on the Twitter platform alone has been estimated by Socialmetry as having over 250 million daily active users. Given that there is a high demand for social media interaction it only makes sense to collect data that will provide the data miners with the data they are seeking.

Currently there are numerous open-source platforms and databases (such as OpenSocial and Twitter API’s) which allow for the extraction of data in the form of micro-Topics, also known asumbsdates. Once Twitter implemented the ability to fetch targeted followers (followers are followers of a Twitter account) and location information, the rest is easy, so to speak.

Before we look at some lovely (and rather trendy) software that stitches together Twitter data, let’s have a brief tour of the trends in social media:

  1. More specifically, in the United States, an estimated 13% of all Internet users have so far stated they intend to follow or communicate with Twitter.
  2. In the USA, according to the comScore Brand report, Facebook is now the number one social network site, with Yahoo coming in second. TheResearch Group, which regarded Facebook as the second most valuable brand in the world, has recently downplayed its importance, putting it at number three.
  3. Facebook is the king of social networking sites, with one billion active users. Forbes Magazine estimates that nearly 17% of all Americans have bought into the social network (that’s at least 250 million people, you’ll note).
  4. In the UK, Twitter makes up less than 2% of all Internet activity. However, in terms of growth, it outpaced its main rival, blogging, by just 8% last year.
  5. Google is now working on its own Location layer, as well as its own tablet project, glasses, and self-funded research lab.
  6. Facebook is now working with a virtual-mapping service (at the time of writing, it has 100 million users).

So, all of those mobile apps, location data, mapping services and real time processing and storage means that by releasing the source code, you can pretty much guarantee that development and improvement of these services will accelerate significantly.

Good engineering practices, code-sharing and sharing, paraphrasing andskinning will all help to make this happen. Not sharing the source code for fear of techies copying-and- pasting the work of others (which, by the way, is really just happened in the software-writing community as well)? Well, that just wouldn’t happen.

Now, we’re finally ready to dive head-first into some tweet-powered information!

Prompted by a recent journalist questioning the “aquaplan” — the idea to swim the English Channel by kayak in 32 days — we decided to round up some facts and do some math.

Taking into account the various ways and means of how to reach the English Channel, we settled on Twitter, considering the relatively low cost of travel, and also that it might attract more people along the way. For the sake of simplicity, we disregarded putting in advertising funds and instead just relied on the amazing and bargain-priced technology of Twitter.

Following a fantastic day of kayaking – dinner followed by sleep! Part 2 tomorrow! — we immediately started work on the rest of the story.

So without further adieu:

The Models

The professional travel companies are all designed to look like they have thousands of followers and they do. But just how many people are following these companies on Twitter? Exactly. Five hundred.

And these followers come from all over the world. They come from the USA, they come from Russia, they come from England, all over Europe. And they follow the same set of accounts.

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So who are these people? Well, they follow all the professional travel companies on Twitter. They follow all the brands that are ubiquitous on the Web. It looks like they are genuinely interested in what they are doing and they are using the product and buying it online. This is a cohort that can be considered models.

The Takeaway: Behave or Pay for the Better Reputation?

The majority of humanity is hooked on communication. If you want to get a message across to a mass audience, use the medium of Twitter. It works. Using the communication medium of Twitter can increase your audience by 50 to 75 percent. Consider how many people you can mentions in a few seconds compared to the traditional methods of advertising or traditional methods of marketing. Consider also how much time it takes before the results of using a particular tool ramp up to meet the demand.

The more you know about people, the more you will be able to influence their actions and opinions.