Unstuffing the Metaphysical dimension

Unstuffing the Metaphysical dimension

I have been very much in the arts and have been very much in the healing, development of people, helping them to evolve, and that truly is what spirituality is about.

It is not and never has been about me solely. It is about the whole of Consciousness, but it is about us, Consciousness, because Consciousness is evolving, we as Consciousness, are experiencing becoming more and more evolved, hopefully to the point of ourselves becoming the Real Consciousness.

However, not all of us slow down enough to accumulate the experiences and all the learning that develops us, and so we get stuck in our comfort zone, we feel threatened by anything that challenges us, and we become fearful of anything new, or different. And, because we are threatens by anything different or new, and we fear change, and we abhor risk, we stuff the spiritual growth of ourselves and were cutely threatened at the same time by the Ego and Self. It happens to all of us, from the Grassley.

But, what if there were a way for you to bumps the boundary between who you are AND who you are not. Think of it as a spiritual development of yourself, AND knowing that all that reincarnation and continuity of the???non- tear, reincarnated souls, who have experienced the multi-gens of spiritual development from levels of self-awareness PARTNERSHIP, to Reincarnation and sometimes bounced into the saving graces of the world, embodiment.

All that is was created for you to evolve, and right now, despite what religion, or denominations, you belong to, and what is so-called “spiritual” or “audient” doesn’t understand the terms and so we suffer through this and that, and through the Dark Night of the Soul, sometimes ending after life permanently, posts death mourning, to finally come back as brilliant part of the whole of consciousness that might be called HUE or HEAL itself.

There is a way to un- stuffing the manifest ego and finally sitting in timeless peace, and you might remember being a child with such an experience. We had to melt and surrender to the Age of God that went before us, and now we are in that state of Decision, and that decision is to break free from the shackles of the ego. The decision to forget the simplistic label “god”, to ask who or what is it that is all-knowing, judgmental, controlling, having a purpose or an interest in the material perceptual universe.

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This is the crux of this particular endeavor of mine. I have locked myself in confusion of this kind for a very long time, it was a devastating tortuous darkness. Sadly, I now am climbing over it, fighting it, being angry about it, determined to do something about it, to heal it. And as I learn to serve on a mind-to-mind basis, to feel it, and to become a part of this universe, to surrender to it, to let it be, or to be it, I know that I am sophisticated beyond words, that no visual or audio explanation can ever give to the inner feelings I feel as this extends out into the auric fields and beyond out into infinity.

Deep within lay the origins of my life, and this part has no name, and goes by many names such as The Magic of the elves, The Magician, God, and hundreds of other names. Nothing to give and name it. It is as the Olmec or Shaman, the Medicine Man, throughout all cultures that do not have language, say and do. Nothing. It is all the same thing, that we humans as Consciousness also are.

As our human brain is designed to complicate things, I am beginning to see what my guides are and to digest the incredible pain that this is avoiding. Then to understand and relate to myself at a greater dimension, and remember that I am also and have all these parts of me. My spirit is like a web that has many strands andweasels, where the web is the consciousness and I am the web, and I am everything that was and everything that will be. My dilemma is to become master of myself and enjoy the dance of This-Real-Self. And when it is forgotten, and I fall back into the illusion of duality that I am the body and the mind and recognize more and more the archenemy, I see that the dance gets stuck. The dance ends up back in the old pattern and the mind becomes locked into doing things that threats THE BELIEF.