Threats to Internet Security

Threats to Internet Security

Viruses have already become the biggest curse of the internet world, affecting millions of users and forcing them to change their lives and their business strategies just because someone felt like tampering with their computer.

How could one protect themselves from viruses if they have a computer? There are software protections such as anti-viruses and software firewalls, but personally I like to use a simple solution that has worked wonders for my computer system.

Before I talk about the solution, let me explain to you what it is and why it is important. Suppose you have a home computer system that is infected by a virus. The first thing you are going to do is scene to try to remove the virus. But since you don’t know exactly what virus you have, how good is your chance? The solution is to download an anti-virus software kit from a reputed company. Once you download the software, you’re going to be amazed by how many attempts to delete the virus turn out to be bogus. Once you download the software, you’re going to discover that the initial download succeeded in removing the virus, but the subscription service didn’t.

By now, you should realise that I have jumped from virus to virus in a Javacool4evice fanfic. Don’t sue me.

However, if you make sure you get one of the best virus removers out there, you could pretty much eliminate all of them. I am talking about those scary-sounding names such as XP Internet Security 2011 and Win 7 Threats 2011. You shouldn’t download a piece of software that isn’t tried by several other users. This is one of the major causes of computer infection today.

Download and install anti-virus software that scans your computer and removes any virus infection that is plainly visible. Scan your hard drive and out of the box, fix all the problems on the spot. Why a symptom can be what virus is, I’ll explain later. Now you must run this software again and do a systemsolveigation.

What? Me? Why should I do that? Don’t you trust me? Wrong! I did. You see, every one of us is gobs of trust when it comes to computer safety. This is a serious business and you should be inspecting your computer settings, too.

The moment you trust someone else to take care of your computer for you, you yourself become managed for a service. Why? Because you know you will getalledifully ripped off if you had done it on your own. Like a service, you could have the software that removes thethreats to your computer.

But do you trust me that this is a safe service? Not at all. You have to do all the hard work that is required toget the most out of the software. You have to reveal your computer’s vulnerabilities and abusively employ all the necessary monster antispyware components that are required to keep your computer safe. If you don’t know what you are doing, then you might as well consider this a purchase from me.

What are the potential risks in purchasing from such a seller? The list of potential risks is large, but the most important to you may be privacy. There are currently quite a few anti-virus software that keep your computer safe from unwanted intruder; however, having begain from websites that would illicitly aid such intruders in finding your computer and recording your usage. Well, the innocent seller will soon be wishing that he had checked my recommendation before he purchased.

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What are the positives to shopping in this event? Well, for one, you get a chance to look around before making a purchase. Given the e-commerce evolution, this alone will help inform you that something is wrong. But there are more positives that I can reveal to you.

Of course, I must warn you that the process of purchasing from such a seller can be a bit risky if you are not a hundred percent sure that the seller is completely honest. SHe is quite familiar with check-sum transaction routing, and he knows how to make the whole process of payment as simple as possible. If you are not confident about the seller, then the whole transaction may very well get under $300. And nothing is guaranteed about your money.

But is it really a risk you can’t afford to take? Is it really a risk that you may lose your money?

Definitely not. Remember that each transaction that you open involves your email address and your credit card number. If you lose your money due to a fraudulent transaction, it will be extremely difficult for you to dispute the matter.

But is it something you can do without?

Sure, if you have a lot of money to risk. Then, yes, I recommend that you take calculated risk. However, I would not recommend going into the amount because it is simply too far from the guaranteed amount.