Perfect Cure for a Swansea consciousness - Truth and Falsehood

Perfect Cure for a Swansea consciousness – Truth and Falsehood

“It is often a mistake to believe that the things of the world are the highest truths, and that the highest truths are those which our own reason and our experience merely reflect.”- Paracelsus

In the years since the days of the first Socrates, we’ve understood the concept that our individual levels of consciousness determines what we notice, perceive and experience from day-to-day in all our aspects of life. On the surface it appears that life would be much easier if we could only see through our own eyes and our own experiences would be the same as everyone else’s. Yet, this is the biggest fool of all: Thinking like this will cause your mind to be continually mis aligned and you will tie yourself into knots trying to “fix” everything out of whack. It is exactly because of your level of consciousness that you see two types of people and experience two types of situations; One is miserable and one is blissful. Then, we go on to say that these different types of people and many different situations refers to two kinds of things to do with the outside world that we fail to see or experience within the mind of the one who is aware.

We fail to see the true nature of our own consciousness in all its breadth and depth. This lack of consciousness of our total consciousness was intended by God when he created the world and the thing we call life. God is perfect.

Awareness is the key to unity

Awareness can be brought forth by many ways. One way of bringing forth awareness is healing. The average person is stuck in dual consciousness. It is the state our self of hearing and seeing, in being aware of our body’s needs and being aware of our mind’s thoughts. Since “Grade 1” ( waving the red flag of identityStage) was not able to step out of dual consciousness wholly, dual consciousness is the result of grade echoing and playing the same external game.

When we do not sweep away the duality of opposites we fall into the duality of having a fixed identity and a double identity. A double identity exists when both attributes are threatened. This way the game of duality is played. It allows for the ” 388 game” to play out in the mind of the one who is caught up in duality. He/she is aware that the game is being played but is stuck in the double identity of being good and bad.

The opposites

From an infinite viewpoint we exist as one substance, called spirit. Soul is the mind-made body and spirit is the unified energy field from which the game of duality is played. However, our ego gives us an opposite identity that may bring forth illusion and weakness by doing the opposite of what spirit would do if it existed completely. We engage in the game of duality by engaging in and engaging in the opposite game of playing the game of duality to experience duality. Do you feel being a victim in this game of duality?

Responsibility lies within our free will, not within duality. When we have ultimate responsibility for taking responsibility for the energy of the dual mind being projected into the world, then we have an awareness that there is only one mind that exists simultaneously running the game of duality. There is no mind that exists specifically for one purpose at a time. You ‘either’ Game of duality or Game of unity; but so long as there is a game, there is always another mind attracted to playing the game because they are in it too.

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With awareness comes responsibility for the game of duality that we have created and continue to play. With an understanding we can begin to consciously begin playing the game of unity by using our awareness and perspective to systematically move from dual to unity by choosing to prefer unity over duality to experience unity. One game of duality has to end to make room for another, and any new game will be an opportunity to grow awareness and consciousness.

As the Divine evolved, God became aware of the many levels of consciousness. The world seems to be getting worse as God lost the knowledge that there was one consciousness beyond duality. God began to be aware of the many levels of consciousness oneMind,EachEveryone. God began to see how everyone pissed off at the same level of consciousness. God began to get a sense of how to align and speak to a new level of consciousness that had no need of duality, drama and conflict.

It is impossible to play games with ourselves, how could we play a game with others? We play life and we can’t play life with others in it.