How to Make Money Online - Start With the Basics and Build on Your Strengths for Maximum Profits

How to Make Money Online – Start With the Basics and Build on Your Strengths for Maximum Profits

More and more people are asking how to make money online and I don’t blame them. There are billions of dollars changing hands each and every year online and the Internet continues to grow in both it’s size and it’s importance. You have the potential to reach millions of people worldwide, as well as reach millions of people who may not know you yet.

One of the biggest misconceptions about making money online is one of the biggest businesses in the world. There are thousands of Internet Marketers who are making millions of dollars online. Generating an income online is the term “internet marketing.” There are three major ways to generate an income online. One is through You Tube (You Tube is a video site like My Space or Facebook). The second is through The third is through Internet Marketers. They all have a strategy and they all follow the same concept.

The first idea is like this: You use You Tube to find a target market that is out there looking for information on a certain topic. You create the video if it provides helpful information to the viewer. Once the video is up, internet marketers send people to it to view the video. The idea behind this is that it’s a very simple system that works. You can make videos and attach it to websites, or email it to people on your list, or post internet marketing articles on article sites like EzineArticles.

The second method is to set up simple websites where you can sell digital products. The product is digital and you have instant access to it. Everyone likes the idea of getting something real easy and it’s a green way to produce and sell like products. You can start with an idea for an information product that will sell like hotcakes online. You can create eBooks, reports, or CDs, anything digital. There are websites online that you can get this product from. The next thing you do is use the website as another sales platform.

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This is Barnes and Noble’s strategy with Amazon giving about 7% on up to 35% and the way this works is that you then drive an affiliate rate of about 30 to 50%. For physical products, you don’t need to send a visitor to Amazon. All you need time to go to your site and advertise. They will take a percentage of each sale that you generate. If you are going to market an eBook for example, make sure you have the right compensation plan for your online business. Depending on what type of product or information you are delivering, will determine what is fair to ask from a distributor. Anything from $17 and up, usually only in hard copy.

This is what you need to know before starting out. The people that would fail are those who just jump into the pool and use any tip from anybody. You need to do some homework, research the market, find a niche and learn how to dominate it. The sales will come as long as you learn how to do it properly and then work on it consistently.